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Pure songwriting class, partnered with an unparalleled charisma and captivating stage presence are the staple pieces that make Melbourne’s own, Jacob Fitzgerald one to watch.
Backed by his band The Electric City, Fitzgerald’s distinct vocal tone is accompanied by thundering drums, melodic guitar riffs and screeching sax solos that perfectly encapsulate the big band sound both recorded and when witnessed live.


The modern-day front man is full of flair as he effortlessly switches between high octane rock n roll, heartbreak ballads and effervescent pop tunes. Fitzgerald’s knack for hooky choruses, nostalgic composition and slick band musicality makes listeners feel as if we are witnessing the love child of Bruce Springsteen and Harry Styles. Rich with energy and professionalism to deliver that timeless sound.


Beginning his music journey as a solo Singer/Songwriter, Fitzgerald hooked listeners in early 2018 with debut single ‘Adore Ya’. Obtaining a loyal fan base early on saw his breakout EP ‘Whole & Broken’ captivate listeners with eloquent stories of love, heartbreak, and loss.


Taking time to reflect and explore new sounds post touring and a second major release, ‘Pretend I’m Cool’ (EP), Fitzgerald’s extensive demoing and meticulous writing process saw the need for a new chapter in his career. With the band’s individual members becoming a major part of the outfit’s identify, Fitzgerald and company released the closest thing to a self-titled project in late 2022 with ‘Jacob Fitzgerald & The Electric City’.


The sophomore EP saw Fitzgerald ditch the guitar for his signature crop-top and bring back the artform that is the original frontman. Working closely with best friend and lead guitarist, Alex “Rick” Walker, Fitzgerald carved a new sound for his music based around the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Sam Fender and The Black Keys. Six tracks flowing between sparkly pop, heartbreak anthems and hip swinging rock n roll.

The pair continued to put their producing prowess on display in mid 2023 with the heart wrenching anthem that is “Hurt Me Harder’.  Building the song independently in their home studio, the new direction left listeners craving more of what Jacob Fitzgerald & The Electric City have to offer in this new chapter.

With their live show experience gaining some serious momentum and fans demanding new music, Fitzgerald and company have announced a new self-produced single, ‘Penny Lane’ and coinciding tour set for September 2023. The high energy rock n roll track will leave the chorus stuck in your head and proves once again why Jacob Fitzgerald is taking the Australian music scene by storm.

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