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Pure songwriting class, partnered with an unparalleled charisma and captivating stage presence are the staple pieces that make Jacob Fitzgerald one to watch. Backed by his band The Electric City, Fitzgerald’s distinct vocal tone is accompanied by thundering drums, melodic bass lines and belting guitar riffs aiding to his dynamic songwriting prowess.


Hailing from Melbourne, the modern-day front man is full of flair as he effortlessly switches between high octane rock n roll, heartbreak ballads and effervescent pop tunes. Fitzgerald’s knack for hooky choruses, nostalgic composition and slick band musicality is as if listeners are witnessing the love child of Bruce Springsteen and Harry Styles.

Making quite the name for themselves as one of Australia’s hottest live acts, Jacob Fitzgerald & The Electric City have toured across the country playing shows with the likes of Pacific Avenue, The Rions, Selfish Sons, The Struts (UK), Sea Girls (UK) and more.


Set for an early 2024 release, Fitzgerald returns with his new indie rock anthem, ‘Chlorine’. Recorded in his Melbourne home studio, and co-produced with The Electric City’s own Alex Walker, the formidable live act have once again proven they can walk the walk both on and off stage.

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